Empty essential oil bottles

Recently, I was wondering what to do with my empty bottles.  Most people would recycle them, which I considered.  But I just kept thinking, what if there is still a little bit of oil I can somehow manage to squeeze out of that bottle??  I just couldn’t throw them away. Good thing I didn’t. There are so many options, so I wanted to share a few of them.

  1. Make bath salts. Pull the tops off and put the bottles in either epsom salt, sea salt, or a combination of the both to make bath salts.  Leave the bottles in the salt until you draw a bath. The salt will draw out any remaining oil in the bottle and the aroma will absorb as well.
  2. Use the empty bottles as a roller ball.  You can purchase roller fitments to turn any bottle into a roller ball.  WHAT??  Check them out here.
  3. Turn the bottle into a spray bottle. You can order fine mist spray tops that fit on both 5-ml and 15-ml bottles, you will just need to cut the stem to fit.  These are great for body sprays, throat spray, room spray, linen spray, on the go poo-pourri spray. As soon as you start thinking about this idea, the options are endless.  You can find the fine mist sprayers here.
  4. Share.  Refill the bottle with your favorite oil or blend and share with friends and family.
  5. Air Freshener. Even when your essential oil bottle appears empty, the fragrance is still there! Take off the lid and place the bottle in a concealed place to keep things smelling fresh. Place a bottle near your kitchen garbage can, in a linen closet (think towels and sheets, in your laundry room, in your car, or closet near the shoes.
  6. Carrier oils on the go.  Add carrier oils (I recommend cleaning the bottles out first) to take on the go, especially when traveling so you can dilute oils when needed.
  7. Reed diffuser.  Add reed diffuser sticks to the open bottles.  Create your own blends and place throughout your home, in your office, or give as gifts.
  8. Dropper cap with your capsule recipe. Do you take essential oils in capsules? The easiest way to fill capsules is with a dropper cap. If you take specific oils or oil blends in capsules on a regular basis, putting those oils in a separate bottle with a dropper cap will make filling the capsules much easier!





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