Teenage daughters…. and essential oils

Raging hormones, eye rolls, smack talking, attitude, laziness……  Oh I could go on. It starts at a very young age and seems to last forever!

Diffuse some oils around them that they will benefit from and hey maybe make them a happy person. Look, I am desperate here.

Lavender essential oil  will help them relax and bring back some emotional balance. Maybe they will take a nap, please. Sleeping teens are so peaceful. The house is peaceful.  It’s a win – win.

Another essential oil I have been reading about is Dragon Time. It is helpful for those moody days.  It contains a mix of Clary Sage, Fennel, Lavender, Jasmin and Yarrow Essential Oils. When this oil is diffused into the air, this oil brings balance to the emotions in times of hormonal stress.  YES!!   Adding this to my next essential rewards order.

Bergamot Essential Oil is great for teenage mood swings. This oil has uplifting and sedative properties (yep) and can help with agitation. When diffused, this oil helps relieve anxiety.  This oil is truly amazing and smells wonderful!

So throw a diffuser in their room and add these oils.  Who knows maybe they will emerge like a human and not an alien. Ummmm, I mean more happier and loving!

You’re welcome!



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